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Solving Skin Issues with PCOS

Most dramatically, PCOS has the power to alter your skin—the way it appears and feels—in ways that others can notice. This not only adds to the embarrassment of those who suffer from these symptoms, but it also creates a problem they can't avoid. You might argue about the pain in your abdomen or the irregularity of your menstrual cycle, but seeing acne, irritation, or a change in texture on your skin is an obvious clue that something is wrong.

Menstruators with PCOS often face multiple skin issues along the way, which can be quite a challenge to deal with. It can cause acne, skin tags, and hair growth that seems abnormal on your face, neck, chest, and upper back.

Dry skin and dandruff may also be a part and parcel of the problems that PCOS brings along. With hormonal changes and seasons taking a toll on your skin as it is, some deal-breakers for your skin may include these root causes:

· Nutrient deficiency

· Diet all over the place

· Wrong exercise regime

· Messed up sleep cycle

· Mental stress

· Low thyroid or adrenal

· Poor metabolism

· External medication

Despite all these, you still have the power to heal your skin naturally and gradually.

1. Pay attention to acne: Make changes in your skin care routine – use oil-free soaps, exfoliants. Avoid products containing alcohol and as difficult as it sounds, DO NOT pop, squeeze, or touch your acne. Dead skin cells can clog your pores and cause more acne.

2. Avoid hot water: A hot water bath may sound tempting sometimes, but hot water can take away all the natural essential oils from your skin. Try to stay away from hot baths, saunas, and make sure to apply a thick layer of moisturizing cream in case you can’t resist.

3. Choose a good moisturizer: Regularly applying a good layer of body butter that suits your skin can go a long way for you. If you have sensitive skin, avoid alcohol-based products and add-on fragrances. Instead, opt for solutions with aloe and coconut oil.

4. Wash your face two times a day

5. AVOID scrubbing

6. Say no to excess sun exposure

Addressing some natural ways to get your glow back:

1. Manage cravings: Learn how to deal with cravings, control them, and choose healthy substitutes to improve insulin impact on your fertility

2. Food: Learn how the right food can heal your body and get your skin back on track. Consume a well-balanced diet rich in fiber and low in simple carbohydrates and sweets. Carbs, in fact, should be confined to complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index.

3. Workout: Promote a healthy and strong body, stress less, and improve metabolism to induce a positive hormonal response. Establish and stick to a training regimen that engages your body without pushing your physical fitness too far - intense exercise can add stress to your body, which can lead to hormonal imbalance. Exercise should be done on a daily basis, but it should never result in injury.

To control excessive hair growth, some menstruators often opt for nonmedical techniques like waxing, threading, shaving, plucking, and bleaching. It all depends on choice, and is best backed up by an opinion from a trusted health professional.

There is nothing wrong with you or your skin with or without acne. As a PCOS warrior, let your scars empower you to support your community and grow!

Written by Nibha Patil

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