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Period Sex: Uncensored

We all know how it feels when your period washes out every plan you’ve made for the weekend. As if they don’t do enough, the last thing you would want to be ruined (apart from your favorite underwear) is a perfectly planned date night. When it comes to period sex, our mind runs at a million questions per hour. Contrary to traditional beliefs, there is nothing wrong with having sex on your period as long as you and your partner are up for it.

It can be quite a task to go through with it without recreating a scene straight out of a shark attack movie, but it is possible. Here’s your guide to period sex with everything you need to know- the good, the bad, and the messy.

Let us start out by doing what we do best- busting a few myths:

1. It’s not as messy as you think:

You don’t bleed as much as your cramps make you feel. The average amount of blood loss equals 4 tablespoons, which means, it’s not going to be as bloody an affair as you imagine. Also, period blood poses no risk to your partner unless you are positive for HIV, hepatitis, or sexually transmitted infections.

2. There is no connection between periods and your sex drive:

As opposed to what certain magazines might tell you, not everyone is always aroused while on their period. There’s no science backing up why you might feel different as your sex drive depends on a complicated mix of hormones and variables. As the cervix is in a different position during this time, some might also find period sex more painful.

3. You can get pregnant on your period:

The most awaited and the most important. You cannot do away with protection on your period. Fertility is at the lowest while you menstruate, but it is possible to get pregnant. Sperm can survive inside your body for about 5 days, and depending on your ovulation cycle, there are always chances of conception.

4. There are chances of contracting an STI:

Thanks to blood-borne pathogens like HIV, period sex can increase your chances of entering the STI zone. As the cervix is more open when you menstruate, the chances of catching infections are high. Bottom line, always use protection.

5. Orgasms can reduce cramps:

Here’s the blessing in disguise we all needed. Orgasms use up the same chemicals (prostaglandins) that usually work towards giving you a hard time with cramps. This makes your period less painful and happier, in all senses.

6. Period sex can make your period shorter:

Orgasms can speed up the process of shedding the uterine lining, thus reducing a day or two of your cycle. This, of course, applies to sex that ends in (real) orgasms. Having said that, each body is different and reacts differently to external factors.

If you read through those wanting to give period sex a try, here are a few pointers to make it a good experience. A little extra prep and less clean-up after is always a good idea. Remember to:

1. Lay down towels: Save your sheets the trouble of a blood bath. Preferably, use a dark-colored towel just so that both of you aren’t scarred in the aftermath.

2. Keep wet wipes or tissues handy

3. Remove your tampon or menstrual cup if you’re using one. While some brands approve of a cup inside you while you’re having sex, WomxCup does not.

4. Try shower sex: If you don’t want to deal with cleaning up and towels, go for period shower sex to avoid any blood. But make sure you don’t slip.

5. What about lubrication? Menstrual blood is a great lubricant and period sex is the most naturally lubricated of all. Some still prefer to use external lubrication, which is fine.

6. Stick to missionary: You can first try to settle for manual stimulation. If you can’t do without penetrative sex, don’t experiment with positions while on your period. Thanks to gravity, missionary limits blood flow. So you can try going up the magic mountain some other time.

7. Communicate: That’s the most important part of any positive sexual experience, right after consent. Right from your decision to have period sex to the actual act of it, keep talking and be open about the way you feel. Share your comforts and discomforts and mainly, have fun!

Moving ahead to the pros and cons of period sex. It is possible to have great sex on your period, but it also comes with a set of challenges.


1. Relief from cramps

2. You can ditch the lube

3. Increases intimacy

4. Shorter periods

5. Sometimes, more enjoyable sex


1. It can get messy

2. Increased risk of STIs

3. It can get smelly

4. Limited positions for you to try

5. You can still get pregnant

Some partners are totally okay with it, while some back right out. Not everyone wants to earn their share of ‘red wings’. As long as this is mutually understood and communicated, it’s totally fine. However, shaming period sex and making someone feel unattractive while on their period is not.

Once in a while, period sex can be amazing (even if you’re a vanilla couple). And the more we talk about it, the more we break the stigma around it.

Have a bloody good period!

Written by Nibha Patil

Artwork by Khyati Patkar

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