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Updated: May 13, 2020

There is no definite answer as to how you will feel during your periods. The symptoms differ from person to person. Some womxn have very peaceful periods, experience no discomfort. Whereas most of the womxn face severe difficulty in doing even the most basic stuff like getting out of their beds. Some of them experience cramps, headache, pain in lower abdomen, feeling of nausea and so on.

Your diet can play an influencial role to alleviate some of the period symptoms. The food you eat can tone down your cramps, headache and help you with the mood swings



Green Leafy Vegetables :

Cramps, body pain, dizziness are commonly experienced during menstruation. These symptoms usually occur due to a drop in iron levels during periods.

Leafy vegetables such as Spinach, Kale, Collard, etc. are rich in iron. Including these iron-rich veggies in your diet can help you boost your iron levels.

Fruits :

Fruits such as Watermelon, Cucumber, Strawberries, etc. contain

a lot of water. They help our bodies to stay hydrated, further resulting in soothing our cramps and improving mood.

Sweet fruits have natural sugars which help us with our sweet cravings without having to consume food with artificial sugars, refined sugars.

Citrus fruits like orange, lemon, lime are full of protein and

fibre-rich. If you are feeling bloated, nauseaous, and/or are experiencing mood swings, drink some orange juice or lemon water.

Dark Chocolate :

Dark Chocolate which is rich in iron and magnesium, can be the best comfort food during our period. However, one must avoid candy and other types of chocolates as those contain refined sugars and are processed. Those are harmful for our health.

So a week before your period, go to a organic food store and stack your kitchen with some good, organic dark chocolates and treat yourself!

We should also include nachni, jowar, millets, beans, lentils, turmeric, dry fruits, chamomile tea, eggs, chicken, fish in our diet.

All these foods are rich in fibre, proteins and vitamins which reduce the symptoms such as cramping, bloating, nausea, and help us stay strong, and healthy.

A few dieticiens and nutritions suggest to avoid non-vegeterian food before and/or during our periods, as most of the non-vegeterian food is hot in nature.
Consumption of hot food items can result in increase in body heat, which may lead to increase in pain during periods. However, foods such as chicken, fish are also rich in protein and iron. So, you may take your call with regards to consumption of non-vegeterian food according to your body constitution.




During periods, our body loses blood which in turn can make us physically and emotionally vulnerable. Our blood pressure levels may

drop down a bit if the blood flow is heavy. We may also experience nausea, dizziness, etc.

The side-effects of alcohol can make things worse.

It may also increase the blood flow, causing even more loss of blood.

So, it is adviseable to refrain from consuming alcohol a week before and/or during our period.


As mentioned above, you can always have a fruit to serve your sweet tooth. But you should not turn to candy at any cost. Candies are processed and loaded with refined and artificial sugars.

It is unhealthy for our bodies.

Consumption of candy might alleviate your mood instantly but its effect won't last for long. After some time, the sugar rush will decrease and you might end up feeling worse than you did before.


Junk and fried food is our enemy when we are on periods (and otherwise too 😛). Most of the times, when menstruating, we crave for a slice of pizza or a tub full of french fries, but these food items can cause inflammation.

These foods also contain a lot of salt which results in bloating. So, eliminate salt!

Carbonated drinks is not a smart choice either. Drinking aerated drinks leads to a ton of bloating and can make our cramps intense.

So, the gist is :

- Stay hydrated.

- Consume healthy, protein, fibre, and vitamin rich food.

- Resort to natural sugar.

- Refined and processed items are a big no.

- Alcohol is not a smart choice.

- Junk & fried foods are not your friends.

Written by Neha Khandekar

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