Lasts upto 10 years

Can be worn up to 12 hrs

Medical Grade Silicone

India's 1st gender-neutral menstrual hygiene brand 


Who We Are

What if I tell you that we can make your journey to conquer the world, a little bit easier? Well we, at WomxCup want to share the period experience of your dreams with the help of our best-in-class menstrual cup. We want to get menstruation into the conversation and out of the shame parade. We want to embrace menstruators from all walks of society irrespective of communty, gender, caste and income. And all the trans men out there, no, we didn't forget you. In fact, the MX in WomxCup naturally binds you with us.

Fun fact, Climate change is real and sad, but it's true that period waste is majorly contributing to it. If you are thinking how you can contribute something, here’s where we come in. Join in the WomxCup fam ‘cause we support a healthy, comfortable, sustainable and embracive period. To take a small step towards our aim of period positive planet, we have taken a pledge to donate a cup for every cup sold!


estd. 2020

Have a bloody good period!
"Designed for beginners and fussy menstruators like me."

-Neha K